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Brit Guide Which Ski Resort – Europe

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Good Ski Guide. Good Party Guide! For a lot of people its not just about good snow and great skiing though you get that here, of course. Its also a holiday opportunity and other factors ought to be considered. So we have compiled a second Index for the Top 50 Resorts in which we reveal our Top 5s for Value, Charm and Extreme Skiing. Turn to page 7 for the full list of our Top 5s. This is the most socially aware Ski Guide you can buy. It recognises that different people want different things from their location. So you can use it to mix and match what you want or need, to have a great time on and off the slopes. We tell you how to get there and how to get around; and which Hotels, Chalets and Restaurants to look for. Plus how the Apr├Ęs-Ski bars and Clubbing scene works. Its a unique approach with contributions from the most influential and knowledgeable people in the Ski World. This is EXPERT advice


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