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MoGo Youth Bubble Gum Flavored Performance Series Mouthguard Made In The U.S.A.


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MoGo Youth Bubble Gum Flavored Performance Series Mouthguard Made In The U.S.A. In every sport, at every level, as soon as the whistle stops the action, athletes pull their mouthguards out. Then they hang it out of their mouths, they chew it, they jam it in their facemask or down their gloves. When the action starts again, they scramble to put the mouthguard back in their mouth (if they remember to do so). MoGo believes the best way for athletes to protect themselves from mouth trauma and potential concussion blows is to properly wear their mouthguard in their mouth. MoGos mission is to completely change the experience of wearing a mouthguard from a need to to a want to. The flavored material helps prevent dry mouth and athletes wear their MoGo mouthguard properly in order to get optimum flavor. The perfect ‘blend’ of protection and flavor. There is nothing like it. Revolutionary flavor technology allows MoGo to add flavor to plastic, creating the world’s first flavored mouthguard. The result is the freshest tasting sports mouthguard ever. The flavor is not coated or sprayed on the plastic; it is embedded into the plastic so the flavor lasts game after game after game. FEATURES: Exceptional design allows for maximum comfort, performance, protection & breathability The flavor is made from all-natural ingredients? All flavors and materials are FDA compliant & BPA free Quick-release tether Included Not designed for braces $10,000 Dental Warranty Youth: 11 years and younger MoGo Sports Mouthguard FAQs What athletes are wearing a MoGo Sports Mouthguards? MoGo Sports Mouthguards are designed for any sport, including but not limited to football, hockey, lacrosse, boxing, MMA, wrestling, field hockey, basketball, baseball, skiing, snowboarding, rugby, skateboarding, cycling, etc. Currently there are some professional athletes wearing our mouthguards as well, including Kristi Leskinen, gold-medalist free-style skier, and Matt Danowski, member of the Major Lea


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